Priority scheduling is not available at the discount level. If you would like to receive scheduling customer service for an additional charge of $32 please call 760-440-7797, otherwise self scheduling is accessible online 24/7. 

Insurance is accepted the insurance co-pay is $45

Our Groupon is now active for a limited time.

If you are coming to us for a Swedish massage service and have a desire to relieve stubborn knots and chronic muscle tension please select the deep tissue addon.

For the best relaxation experience, please select the heated table and warm oil addons.

Pre-tipping is avaliable and appreciated online for your ease to allow for an effortless walkin/walkout service.

Community Acupuncture is available
Call to Schedule for Acupuncture Only

M &W 10am-2pm (760) 687-8707
T 4pm-8pm (760) 492-6600
Th & Su 9am-2pm (760) 492-6600

$50 Initial Visit | $40 Returns

So effective, local massage therapists and Doctors come to us for their therapeutic massage work. Not a run-of-the-mill massage you have received from other places. We focus on health and wellbeing. When you enter our studio we deliever the right massage for you with the right combination of massage techniques and other modalities from our unparalleled background in Chinese Medicine. We consider the whole being and we'll let you know when body work may not be right for you and why.

• You will see why the most effective massage around will allow you to walk out feeling better
• Get relief from chronic pain or other ailments
• Control the intake of prescription drugs
• Find help where conventional medicine has failed to produce the desired results

Chinese Medicine therapeutic massage is a natural and effective form of health care that has been around for more than 2,500 years. We are master practitioners, highly skilled in working with natural, safe, effective and drug free alternatives. Our techniques cause the blood to flow correctly and the Qi is moved through the body so that symptoms are removed or are relieved and the body starts to heal the root causes of pain or disease. Walk out feeling better treatments from the master practitioners can address a specific illness manifested in your body or an emotional state present in your being.


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